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Range Rover Sport Dent Repair

My husband damaged the rear bumper whilst backing out of our garage and I needed the repair done before Christmas. I managed to grab a booking just before heading up to Wiltshire this evening for Christmas with the family and Antony done a tremendous job in sorting out the crack and scratches. No problem in recommending your fab, professional and friendly service and I will definitely keep your details in my phone. Happy Christmas to all the London Bumper Repair team! Best, Miranda”
– Miranda Dashuel

Porsche 911 Door Scratch Repair

I was referred to you by Porsche in London as a cyclist damaged my door and its a lease vehicle that has to be handed backin January. Firstly your technician Adrian was prompt and his level of understanding in the paint process was informative. I did not realise how much work was involved but he dillegently went about his business and got the door back to its pre danage state which was what I was after the leasing company charge to have the damage repaired was extortionate. Big thanks to Alessia for organising my appointment and kudos to you all for the ease in using your service. Thx a lot, Riz – Chelsea”
– Riz Latwali

Range Rover Autobiography Black Scratch Repair

Really happy you guys could sort me out this morning for no extra charge! Typical story in damaging the doors against some bollards in our car parking bay. Was quoted a month to get seen to by Land Rover and after finding your details online after some frantic searching, your guy Martin was onsite at 8am this morning which was amazing but extra kudos goes out to your firm for not trying to bump up costs but actually being able to machine polish the damage out of the paintwork without having to paint the damage and charging me less!!! Happy Xmas + New Year and I hope your technician liked the minced pies. Cheers, Brennan at Warner”
– Brennan

Lamborghini Scratch Repair

My vehicle was maliciously key scratched on Thursday night in the West End of London and i needed it repaired urgently as I was due to attend a Gumball 3000 event over the weekend. I called Bumper Repairs and after sending some images of the damage and obtaining a quotation, I booked myself in for Saturday morning. The vehicle technician that attended onsite was very amiable and proceeded to spend the next 6 hours getting the nasty scratch damage on the rear quarter and doors sorted out and when he finished you would not know anything had happened. Big thanks Antony for being a consummate professional and I will be sure to recommend you guys without hesitation. Thanks, Will”
– William Thornton

Audi TT Dent Repair

My 14 plate was hit and badly dented on the wheel arch whilst parked up outside my house with no note left by the kind individual. I got a few prices online but eventually decided to use London Bumper Repairs as the service was mobile and I needed the repair done at the weekend. The engineer was prompt and went about things and after a brief interruption from a rain shower, managed to get it all repaired in under 6 hours, with the colour being matched up perfectly which I was a little nervous about. Really good customer service and hassle free to book. Would have no problem in recommending. Thnx Emma in Romford”
– Emma Ferguson

Vauxhall Astra Bumper Repair

Scuffed my bumper when parking and even though wasn’t a big deal, I wanted to keep the car clean. Got a quote and booked in by email and although the fella was 15 mins late because of traffic he repaired the car well on my driveway. Thank You Jameel”
– Jameel Latif

Porsche Cayenne Bumper Repair

Thank-you for the email. Happy to leave a review in relation to your services. Your engineer attended to a scratch to the nearside quarter done by another vehicle within our parking area. The damage was fully repaired to our satisfaction with the engineer being punctual, friendly and knowledgeable in regards to the repair. I will retain your details in the event your services are required in the future. Best Regards. John”
– Khosrow Tamasebi

Fiat 500 Bumper Repair

In reference to repair of my Fiat 500 in Imperial Wharf, Chelsea. The service received was excellent and whilst I was a little sceptical about the repair being conducted at my home, its held up and still looks great and you wouldn’t know it had been previously been damaged. Cheers.”
– Nilesh Adwani

Ford Focus Bumper Repair

Many Thanks for the email. I am sorry it took long to leave review but I would like to extend my gratitude in arranging for your technician to repair the crack to my rear bumper last month. Looks good as new and saved me having to buy a new bumper as our local garage advised. Colin”
– Colin Buchanan

Bentley Continental Scratch Repair

Our directors car was damaged whilst parked and rather than go through the insurance process, he wished to repair the vehicle privately. The quotation process was easy and thorough and Antony arrived at the agreed time and repaired and polished the vehicle as specified in the quotation. Fantastic customer service and glad we found you online as everything was slick and polished ( pardon the pun ). We have put your details on the company intranet so hopefully you may get some additional work of the back of a job well done. Thanks Jose.”
– Jose Ortega

Porsche 997 Scratch Repair

Our local car wash caught the rear wing with a belt or something that damaged the nearside paintwork. I found London Bumper Repair online and quickly got a quotation and whilst a little worried having never used your service, happy to provide positive feedback. The guy that came was friendly and knew his stuff and after speaking with him for 10 or 15 mins, I was at ease as he walked me through the repair process. The only disruption to proceeding was when his lighting developed a fault but luckily it was from the fuse end and he soon had that sorted and got back to work. All repaired in 6 hours and you would not know it had picked up any prior damage. Very convenient and professional service. Ikenze”
– Ikenze Amakechi

Range Rover Sport Cracked Bumper Repair

I was hit from behind and the other driver wanted to settle away from insurance so I got a quote from you lot and made a booking for this morning. The vehicle technician came onetime and repaired the bumper good and you can’t see it was cracked. I am very satisfied with the work you have performed. Sincere Regards, Yemi”
– Adeyemi Kingsley

Porsche 911 Cabrio Bumper Repair

Another driver damaged my bumper whilst I was stationary and we agreed to settle it outside of insurance. I got a quote from you guys over the Christmas period and got a call from Alessia yesterday asking if I wanted a cancellation booking slot today, which was fantastic for me as it was two weeks early! Your technician Antony has just left and the rear bumper looks fantastic and you would never know it had been cracked. Thanks a lot for wicked customer service and best wishes for 2015! Happy New from Robert in Romford”
– Robert Glenhill

Land Rover Evogue Bumper Repair

I was recommended your services by a friend ( Reynold Pengelli ) who had used your services. I created a large nick on the rear bumper of my Range over the weekend. Your guy Antony arrived as scheduled and the results were impressive as he was able to restore the damage back to new. Great service and as echoed on your other reviews, I would definitely recommend your services. Best of the year, Tel ( Chiswick )”
– Terry Chapman


My car was damaged when getting into an NCP Car Park and the kiosk gentleman recommended you guys. After getting a quote through, my wife booked a vehicle technician for a 9am appointment and your vehicle technician Antony came on time at the time specified and got everything sorted before lunchtime. Really chuffed at the speedy service and your guy was very friendly and knowledgeable and even polished out a small scratch on the drivers door for free 🙂 Thanks Sami”
– Samir Jalphur

Range Rover Evogue Dent Repair

Just want to start by saying – Bloody fantastic service!! You were recommended by Khan Design in Kings Road as I picked up some damage on the rear panel of my Range Rover Evogue and it was quite unsightly. I came back from abroad and finally got round to calling you guys and after getting a reasonable quotation through, I booked myself in for service this morning. Your vehicle technician was onsite 15 mins early for our 9am appointment which was nice. TBH I have never used a mobile car repair service and won’t lie and say I was not a little apprehensive beforehand, but I was put at ease once Antony explained exactly what was going to be done and how he was going to do it. Impressed by how methodical and clinical it was and the nasty dent to N/S wing was fully removed and scratches repaired and painted. You would never have known it had been pranged a few days earlier. More than happy to leave a review and echo previous comments regarding customer service and workmanship. Anyone mulling over using these guys should get their car sorted as they are good at what they do and come recommended by a world class vehicle customisation house ! Thanks, Manny”
– Manuel Figuera

Range Rover Sport Bumper Repair

You came to repair my cracked bumper in Romford on Saturday and I am really pleased with the job your technician Adrian done on the car. Really chuffed with the repair and you can’t see anything even when looking up close. Good customer service to boot and I managed to sell the car yesterday. Hopefully you can assess the pictures I just sent of my wife’s Range Rover Evogue that has picked up a little damage to the driver side door. 10/10 all round. Thanks. Jo”
– Jody Zamorra

Ferrari California Scratch Repair London

Was easy to make initial contact with your customer service team and after emailing some images of the damage, I was able to arrange a date to have one of your chaps assist. Your man called ahead to inform that he was stuck in traffic on the A406 which was welcome and he only arrived 10 mins late. Antony was quite pleasant and explained the process in detail and proceeded to get the vehicle cleaned and ready for repair. I left him to it and 4 hours later, I came out to have a look and was amazed that he had managed to get the key scratches on the passenger side out and painted on my driveway. Excellent professional service and he cleared up after himself and left no mess. Well done a great first time customer service experience. Timothy”
– Timothy Powell

Porsche Cayman Bumper Repair

We picked up a new vehicle last weekend from our dealer in Cheshire and noticed that the rear bumper had some scratches that were possibly done when the dealer got it valeted. We have used your mobile repair service a few times in the past as its more convenient to have the the repair done at home when we would like it done as opposed to leaving the car with Porsche who on this occasion wanted it for a minimum of a 10 days! As always it was easy to get a quote and book myself in and would like to say Adrian done a fantastic job as usual in providing us with a professional repair. The quality of repairs has always been excellent and everyone we have dealt with have been friendly and really helpful. I am sure we will use you guys again and as always, tea and biscuits are on tap! Thanks Simon & Jules”
– Simon Bickley


Just had my company vehicle repaired by a knowledgeable repair technician working in Chiswick this morning and am happy to report that he took the time and trouble to explain the process before carrying out a fantastic repair job to the rear door panel of the car which had been key scratched in Romford the night before. Our company uses you for our fleet work and your vehicle technician was able to come to our work car park to repair my vehicle. A thoroughly reccomended and professional service! Xavier at Warner”
– Xavier Narida


I scraped my rear bumper while trying to park in a narrow space and needed to get it repaired quickly as it was a loan car. The process to get a quotation was easy and from start to finish London Bumper Repairs were fantastic. From the cheery gentleman that took my call to speak to a lady in your customer service team to shift the appointment and an hour ahead, all your staff were really helpful. I work in the serve industry and its always a good start when communication is freely available before and after my repair. I was really pleased with the outcome of the repair and it looks as good as new, so hopefully the garage won’t kick up a fuss. First class attitude and custoemr service and thanks to the vehicle guy polishing a small blemish above the door handle which i was paranoid about. My overall experience couldn’t have been better. Thanks to everyone, Felicity – Romford”
– Felicity Ferguson


My Porsche Cayenne was bumped into by another driver and my local tyre shop recommended Bumper Repairs. I would like to thank your vehicle Technician Aaron for being fantastic yesterday and repairing my damaged n/s wing and door panel. From the lady who picked up my initial call to your vehicle technican, I have to say I am really impressed with the service as it’s the first time i have used a mobile service and I didn’t know what to expect. The repair was of an excellent standard and your guy returned my car back to immaculate condition. Would happily recommend. Best, PB”
– Patrick Boucher


I stupidly scratched my doors whilst trying to enter a narrow turn and wanted to have them fixed as it looked horrible. Easy quotation and booking process and whilst I am quite canny with my knowledge of London’s little gems, I had no idea that this type of thing could be done at home. The only negative if you could call it that, is that the vehicle technician Daniel was 30 mins late after being stuck in traffic but isn’t that part of driving in London!! That doesn’t take away the fact that he done a great job on my car repair and its invisible. Could not tell any damage had been their previously and It seems to have held out after a week, so I think its safe to say job well done, Your details are stored in my phone but hopefully I won’t have to call you anytime soon. Thx Jules”
– Julie Ratner


In reference to repair of my vehicle at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, I can confirm the work was of a satisfactory standard and the contractor sent was friendly and competent in the service provided. The malicious key scratch was removed and he endeavoured to tidy up after himself. All in all, a good first time experience of using your companies service and I have already referred you to our facilities manager with a view to some additional work. Rgds – James Baker”
– James Baker


One of your guys came to repair my car last Thursday in Romford and done a good job to get rid of the damage. The whip looks like new again and I will definitely pass your details to my pals and hopefully you can get some work of the back of it. The guy that came was cool and done some stone chips on the rear bumper for free so big thumps up from me 🙂 Nice 1. Thom”
– Thom Gregory


I found Bumper Repairs on Google and from the outset, I was impressed by the friendliness of the person who took the call. My VW was key scratched over both doors and the rear quarter by some youngsters on the estate opposite and for obvious reasons I didn’t want to go through insurance and lose my no claims so I got a reasonable quotation and booked myself in on the mobile service option. The paint man was on time and spent the best part of 6 hours getting my pride and joy looking good again. Im not sure how he managed to do it outside but he did and I have to admit I was relieved and chuffed with my decision to use you guys. Really happy customer and I can’t thank you enough for the excellent customer service. Please pass my thanks to your paint guy Anthony as he pulled of a top draw job. Thanks Richie ( VW – Fulham )”
– Richard Matthews


I was referred to you by Lenny at Prestige and you lived up to his recommendation. One of our vehicles were scratched in transit across the door panels and we had it booked in for a showroom promotion the day after it arrived. You guys stepped in to get the paintwork sorted and your professionalism was great from start to finish. We appreciate your vehicle technician machine polishing the whole vehicle to ensure it was ready for the showroom for free. Extremely pleased with the service and results and would highly recommend your company. Thanks. Adnan”
– Adnan Kalmesh


We were referred to Bumper Repairs by BMW Battersea to repair our vehicle after we had an accident with a council bin store. After getting a quote through, we booked in the repair for Monday and please to report that all was well. I was initially a little bit apprehensive after speaking to friends about using a mobile car repair service, but as this was not a franchised operation I decided to go ahead. Your vehicle technician came on time and was quite chirpy for 8am and my husband and I could see from the way he was setting up that its quite a military operation and I am glad we resisted the urge to use a coverup stick. 3 ½ hours later, Dean rang the bell and asked us to come out and have a look and I have to say the repair was great. You can’t even see a thing on the doors and it looks shiny like new. I would like to say that you have a really professional and friendly service and Alessia was wonderful to deal with. Massive Thanks, Jenni ( Romford )”
– Jennifer Conolly

BMW Z4 M Coupe Bumper Repair

I suffered a scratch to the rear bumper whislt parking and needed it sorted out before my Husband saw the damage. I searched online for a company that would come and repair my vehicle in Chelsea as I did not want to leave it anywhere as I needed to do the school run. Thanks so much for organising it quickly for me and getting it sorted out without fuss. You wouldn’t know any damage had occurred and it worked out cheaper than bringing the car to our BMW dealer. Please pass my thanks to your car technician Andrew as he was very methodical and professional in getting it all sorted. Will definitely recommend! Hanx”
– Hannah Coleman


Absolute life savers !! My vehicle was up for sale and I stupidly backed out of a car wash and scraped the rear bumper. Slight bit of panic as its immaculate otherwise so you can imagine I was relieved to have Antony come to me to get the damage repaired. Your a true professional and I really appreciate your patience when I was trying to arrange a power supply. End result was perfect and I have just sold the car this morning for the full asking price ! Best Regards, Syed”
– Syed Iqbal


Our neighbour damaged our bumper when parking in our shared driveway and we decided to deal with it without involving our insurance companies. She actually booked your company to come and fix my bumper, but i just wanted to leave a review to say how impressed I was with the service. The vehicle technician who came was friendly and got everything sorted out quickly and without kerfuffle. Thanx, Bernie”
– Bernice Heaton


My vehicle was vandalised while in a car park and it was due to be used at Wedding over the weekend. I just wan too say a massive thankyou to Antony for assisting us on a last minute request to get it repaired at our office on Saturday morning. The car looks amazing again and I appreciate the vehicle technician working into the afternoon to ensure it was a seamless repair. We shall retain your details and recommend your services as the whole process was easy and took the hassle out of what could have been a massive problem for us. Big Thanks from the Regal team.”
– Xander Rafeali


Well done ,amazing finish , .massive thanks to Anthony and technician ..The car looks amazing again …gintaras”
– Gintaras

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